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Official website of the Edo State Traffic Management Agency Edo State, Nigeria.

We are committed in the responsibility of traffic management within Benin City and Edo State.

Our Vision

To develop a culture of regulation, control, management of traffic, reduce time wastage and accident in Edo State roads

Our Mission

The mission statement for the agency is to reduce to the barest minimum deaths, injuries and economic losses through road traffic accidents, conflicts and delay on roads in Edo State by employing modern traffic system in the state.

Core Values





Our Team

See organizational structure below


EDSTMA was established as an agency saddled with statutory responsibility of traffic management within Benin City and Edo State.

Some of our functions are:

  • Control management enforcement and regulation of traffic
    related matters with Edo State.
  • Public education and enlightenment of drivers and motorist on proper use of the highways.
  • Traffic safety and accident management.
  • Training of Drivers
  • Evacuation, rescue and towing of broken down and abandoned vehicles.
  • Conduct research on driver behaviors and traffic safety.
  • Install and maintain traffic control devices on the highways.

Relate with other traffic management agencies.


In our quest for an efficient service delivery, the EDSTMA
Organizational Structure will cover the following areas to enhance vibrant and dynamic productivity viz;
1. Administrative structure
2. Head Quarter operational structure
3. Zonal operational structure



The Managing Director (Super Tracker) will deploy the human and material resources of the Agency in such a manner that will best ensure attainment of the aims and objectives of the State Government and also exercise general supervision and control over member of the Agency.


The Principal Officers Unit in headquarter operations is as follows:
1. Head of Operation – Rover
2. Assistant Head of Operation – Pellet
3. Emergency, Rescue and Training Department
4. EDSTMA Police Unit
5. Head, Motorcycle Operation – Troupers
6. Headquarter Accountant
7. Radio Communication Network – (Parrot)
8. Abandon Vehicle Unit


The following are the Zonal Officers for basic operations and traffic
1. Zonal Head – Zebra
2. Assistant Zonal Head – Eagle
3. Unit Head – Falcons
4. Traffic Control Personnel – Foot patrol
5. Base Officers
6. Zonal Admin Officer
7. Zonal Account Officer.